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How many bad days make up a good one?

When you’re first starting out in the working world, you have an understanding that you have to work your way up, that you’re going to sometimes be treated badly and you will get the slump work. But how do you know if a job is just the not so fun stepping stone to the next better one, or just not the right job for you period. It’s hard working at a job where you have to count the hours until it’s over or are so overworked and paid so little. I have done both and trust me, neither one is good.

So I started a journal. I have jumped back and forth between careers the past couple years and this year I am finally deciding, which one I want to stick with. So to help make the process a little easier on myself, I am each day, writing a paragraph about my day and rating it out of ten. I hope by the end of it, I will have a clearer analysis on whether or not I actually enjoyed the job or not and if it was worth it.

I also like to think about my end goal a lot. What do I want in the long run, where do I want to be? Is this job going to get me there? Sometimes these questions can seem so redundant and hard to answer, which is why were here in the first place. When you’re sixteen and in high school it’s easy to say I want to be this when I grow up. It’s a lot harder to say that, when you are grown up.

I have always believed strongly in never getting upset about where you are compared to where you thought you would be. Comparing yourself to others in different jobs and different positions is the worst thing you can do. Each opportunity I have had and each experience has helped further me to the position I am at today. It may not be the end goal and I still may be confused, but that doesn’t mean they all haven’t helped me in some way gain clarity or learn something along the way.

Some people just know and some people just get it. I’m not one of those people, each job I have I miss the old one or wish for something else and vice versa. I think that just means I like change, I like being challenged and most of all I like feeling like I am doing something creatively. You should know the things you can’t live without in your career. For some people it’s a good salary, for some it’s simply to work with good people. I know for me I could never not be telling stories, no matter how it may manifest, that has always been the one thing I have stuck by and kept me on track and hopefully it will one day lead me to my dream job.

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