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Taylor Hui

Actress, Model and Entrepreneur 

At just 24 years old Taylor has launched a non-profit, started her own clothing line and continues to act and model. There's not much she hasn't accomplished and she tells us about it all!

Carter Kirilenko

Filmmaker and Environmentalist

Here to educate us on a very important topic - the environment. Carter discusses his documentary "In Your Palm." A film that uncover the truth about the palm oil industry and how it is negatively impacting our ecosystems.

Josie Santi

Fashion Features Manager for 
"The Everygirl"

Here to give you all the life hacks and wellness routines you need in your life. We also talk fashion and her rise from an intern to a manager in the world of publishing.

Michael Hall

Hiked the
Pacific Crest Trail

Michael shares his experience of hiking the 2650 mile-long trail. Starting at the Mexico/US border and finishing in BC.

Clara Mokri

Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker

She's worked for notable publications like Time, Vice, and Surfer Magazine. Here to share her knowledge on the industry and some amazing stories along the way.

Alyssa Rogers

Astrologer, Coach and Facilitator

Alyssa gives us information on all things astrology, from mercury in retrograde, moon and sun signs to horoscope compatibility. 

Jaqilyn Graff

Financial Advisor

Finances can seem very daunting, from understanding stocks vs. bonds, how to properly invest and saving for retirement, there's a lot to know. Here to break it all down for us is financial advisor Jaqilyn Graff who shows us just how easy it is to be empowered by your financial situation.

Jenna Herbut

Author of Make it Happen and Founder of Make it Show

Jenna Herbut is the founder of Make It Show, one of the largest craft fairs in Canada, author of Make It Happen, and owner of Conscious Lab. She's here to give us plenty of advice and share her journey on making it all happen. 

Karen Lee

Co-Founder of LEZÉ the Label

Karen Lee is the co-founder of LEZÉ the Label, a sustainable fashion brand with clothes designed from the inspiration to wear pajamas to work in style. But before all this, she started her work in the business world by running a wedding proposal company and then went on to run a company that specialized in creating wedding stationery. She's here to give us the raw and honest truth about being in the business world. 

Abbey Ashley

Soul Cycle Instructor

Are you a Soul Cycle enthusiast? Same. This week we have instructor Abbey Ashley on to discuss her journey teaching classes in New York, Vancouver, and London, England. She tells us about the intense audition process and what it's like to teach your favorite celebrities, like David Beckham. 

Ashley Wray

Founder of Mala Collective

If you're looking for a way to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine, then look no further. Ashley Wray is the founder of Mala Collective, an online resource for handmade beads, cushions, gemstones, and crystals to help support your meditation practice. She's here to tell us all about running a business and how you can live are more mindful life. 

Jen Araki


She started her career as an international model at just 13 years old and then moved into acting. Now she's a documentary filmmaker and runs three production companies. Jen is here to tell us all about her journey in the crazy world of film and television. 

The Real

Estate Sisters

Brooke Bell and Breanne Williamson

Are you looking to buy? Sell? Maybe just learn a little more about the Vancouver housing market? Today's guests, Brooke Bell and Breanne Williamson are here to answer all your burning questions about real estate.

Danielle Wiebe

Founder of Business Babes Co.

She's the founder of Business Babes Collective, the chapter leader for Vancity Business Babes and an expert in sharing advice on how to get your career to the next level.

Hannah Bernard

Co-Founder of Roots & Ardor

You may know her from her time at the Vancouver Canucks or maybe even the X Games, but Hannah Bernard is also the co-founder of Roots and Ardor, a boutique digital media agency. She's here to share her story of taking the path less traveled and how it led to success in the world of media.


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