The Best Grace and Frankie Episodes to Make Your Laugh

There are a lot of TV Shows to choose from right now. It feels like every week Netflix is dropping a new series. I am favoring more on the light-hearted feel-good shows, the ones that make you laugh and warm your heart. One's like Grace and Frankie. For those of you who have yet to indulge in this amazing series starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, you're in for a treat. 

The show follows the two women who end up living together in their gorgeous beach house after their husbands tell them that they have fallen in love with each other. Leaving Grace and Frankie, shocked, alone, and wondering what's next. What follows is a Vibrator company, many hilarious adventures and newfound love for friendship with each other. 

Similar to friends, some episodes just make you roll over laughing until your stomach hurts and since I am am a lover of this show in all capacities. I have comprised a list of the best episodes to watch if you're in the mood to laugh out loud. 

1) The One Where They Go To Get Frozen Yogurt (Season 1 Episode 5)

One of my favorite characters from Grace and Frankie is Breanna (Grace's daughter) and in this episode we get to see some of her best lines after Frankie and Breanna get high and Grace drives them to get Frozen Yogurt.

2) The One With The Driving Test (Season 2 Episode 5)

Grace and Frankie, Season 2.jpeg

Frankie doesn't have her driver's license and decides that it finally is time, so she studies, while smoking pot and then goes to take the test but can't remember any of the answers. In the end, she realizes the solution to her problem is to be high while taking the test.

3) The One Where They Go Into Business (Season 2 Episode 13)

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In the season two finale, Grace and Frankie decide to launch their own vibrator company for older women after Grace struggles to use one with her arthritis. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you, Vybrant. 

4) The One With The Burglary (Season 3 Episode 4)

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One evening Grace and Frankie come home to discover they have been robbed, which leads Frankie into a tailspin. So much so, she makes Grace sleep with her, which Grace does not enjoy. 

5) The One With The Lockdown (Season 4 Episode 8)

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This is quite an exciting episode. Frankie convinces Allison to do an at-home birth, but things go awry when there is a lockdown because an orangutang escapes the Zoo. 

6) The One With The Home (Season 4 Episode 13)

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After much convincing, Grace and Frankies kids send them to live in a seniors home, which they eventually break-out of and head back to the beach house. Thanks goodness we didn't loose the beach house.

7) The One With They Squat (Season 5 Episode 2)

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This episode has guest stars RuPaul and Nicole Richie. Can you ask for any better special appearances?

8) The One With The Crosswalk (Season 5 Episode 4)

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Grace and Frankie constantly makes light of being elderly, and this brilliant episode shows Frankie fighting to change the time on a crosswalk because she and Joan Margaret can't make it across in time. 

9) The One With The Retreat (Season 5 Episode 6)

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Frankie takes Grace on a retreat, only it's not the luxury spa vacation that Grace expected. Instead, it involves no alcohol, sleeping outdoors, and eating strange food. 

10) The One With Shark Tank (Season 6 Episode 12)

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The season six finale shows Grace and Frankie entering the Shark Tank to pitch their new idea "Rise-Up" to the sharks.

Well, until the seventh and final season of Grace and Frankie drops, this is what i'll be watching on repeat for a good laugh.