Trouble Sleeping? Here's How to Get Some Zzzzs

By Calissa Kirilenko

Sleep Wellness & Immunity.jpeg

I was having a conversation with my friend over Zoom the other day about how I am just not sleeping as well as I used to be. In reality, I should be getting more sleep than ever, with no commute, no social engagements, and more time to get ready in the morning. Instead, I find the moment my head hits the pillow I am tossing and turning until I eventually find myself Zzzzz. She had said the same thing was happening to her, that she also found herself thinking about moments from her past, stressing about something that happened years ago and I can’t help but wonder why we’re clearly all experiencing this.

Is it because we’re not experiencing any new memories so our bodies feel the need to re-create new ones for us? I have many theories, but while none of them have fully panned out, I’d rather focus on how I can get a sounder sleep. After reading many articles and testing out different ways, I have come to find a new elaborate sleep routine that works better than ever.

Step 1: About an hour before I got to sleep, I turn off all screens, which means no TV right before bed. I am guilty of staying up binging multiple TV series, but right now, it just doesn't work for me. So instead I do the following.

Step 2: I take a magnesium tablet because it was prescribed to me by my naturopath and is said to help me fall asleep faster. Sometimes I’ll make a pot of chamomile tea if I am in the mood too.

Step 3: I set myself up for a good sleep. This includes turning on my diffuser with some lavender scented essential oils or spraying my sheet with some lavender spray. I switch it up, but lavender is supposed to invoke calmness in the body and I believe it helps.

Step 4: I read because nothing else makes me tired like reading at night. If you’re not a reader, which on some nights I am admittedly not, I will turn on a meditation and fall asleep to that. I have been using the unplug app and loving it.

Step 5: I take out my absolute favorite blanket, my gravity blanket. While they can be quite pricey, I can tell you right now it is definitely worth it. As someone who has lived with anxiety for many years, it feels amazing to sleep with one. I fall asleep faster, my anxiety goes away, and it is so comfortable.

Here’s hoping that even one part of my new nighttime routine can help you and that soon we all will be sleeping sound like babies.